We for you!

We understand what it means to give pets a home. Several challenges and tasks which arise every day, through this new family member. We ourselves have made all the same experiences with pets, furthermore we have had many get-togethers and high level talks, throughout which we have developed, and are still developing our product range.

You can count on us when it comes to a well-designed pet basket or a beautiful and practical leash. Our knowledge and commitment is flowing daily into the development of Michur products to match your needs, and the demands of your faithful companion.

Michur’s goal is to make your four-legged friends life as pleasant as possible every day, so there is no need for you to waste a thought upon this, rather you can enjoy the spare time to work on more important aspects in your own life- enjoying your time with your faithful four-legged friends!

What are we without a pet?!

Pets are a part of our environment, but often even more, they’re our direct life partners. Our Goal is that our products adapt to the animal, not vice versa. The consideration of the character traits attributes and the respect for these is the base for a lifetime friendship.

For this reason, our products are made from sustainable and compatible materials.

Our instinct is: quality.

Our inner drive gives us the momentum and the gift to develop high quality products. With the sense for selecting the right materials and the feel for the appropriate function, we try to meet the needs of animal life.

These instincts will be accompanied by the rivet, the hangtag and golden thread, which you will find on many of our products.

How do you sleep?

Would you have thought that your pet will need 17 to 20 hours of rest and sleep? This includes the time when you hang out together and watch TV.

Dogs and cats need a similar amount of sleep. They are genetically very similar. Cats – independent as they are – will pull back when they need a rest. Dogs don’t do this very often.

With our collection of hand-woven willow beds, there is another great reason for your pet to follow his needs and take a rest.

You shouldn’t let go

Whether tie, chain, fix, put on, attach, leash or fasten, it’s always a way to take a little bit of freedom form your loyal companion. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided, because the environment of your four-legged friend isn’t set to his behavioral patterns. So if a leash is necessary, this should have the style and material correspond to their requirements.

Here Michur offers a wide range of models in different sizes and lengths with various designs.

Head over heels

Collars for each collar size: whether Chihuahua, or full-grown Great Dane, whether Singapore cat or exotic savannah cat, we decorate each and every fur neck with our custom collars.

Naturally you can get the matching leash with it.

Tested by experts

Whether rectangular, oval or as a mat, we offer a wide range of soft beds. These are robust, easy to clean, washable, but especially comfortable.

We love people, people love us and Michur loves us all!

Teamwork is important

In “About Us”, you can get an impression of our employees and find interesting things to Michur GmbH.

Our Collections

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Here you find an overview of all our collections.

Our product philosophy is your advantage

Michur offers you exclusive quality products with individual design and high functionality. The Michur brand wants to give your pets, whether dogs or cats, quality products to the hand that matches your requirements, in the house, as well as in the garden or nature. Our leashes and collars meet the requirements which provides to a brand-name product.

New Releases

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Here you find an overview of all our new releases.

Our choice of materials makes the difference

We are constantly on the lookout for special leather or sturdy nylon, for the necklace or leather leash. Our beds and caves, as well as the baskets, are always made of individually carefully selected rattan or willow. Also in the selection of polyester and plush, we pay attention to the right matching to furniture. So every dog ​​bed and every cat cage is suitable-designed.


Here you find our new offers!

Also you can subscribe our free Ebay-newsletter, so you get an information about our new offers and products.

Here you find an overview of all our offers.

For each pet something

Our product range extends from the dog collar and matching leash, whether flat or round leash, to the suitable roost for your four-legged cats or dogs. A dog bed and a cat cave invite your friend to rest. The dog cave and the cat basket are the places where your favorite resides a large part of the day.